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Animated GIF of comet "46p/Wirtanen" taken from Butterpot Provincial Park, Newfoundland.
Photographed by Jim Stacey 2018 12 13


"46p/Wirtanen" taken December 13, 2018 from Butterpot Provincials Newfoundland, as it approched the constellation Taurus and the Pleiades.

Each frame of this short Comet Wirtanen animation is a 30 sec exposure at ISO3200 on a Sony A7R Mk3 full frame camera, mounted at prime focus to an Explore Scientific David Levy Comet Hunter telescope (6" Maksutov-Newtonian telescope with focal length 730mm at F4.9).  The frames were manually aligned and converted to a GIF using Photoshop..F

Click on image for full original photo.



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