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Image of comet C/2013 US2 "Catalina" taken from Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland.
Photographed by Dave Newbury 2016 01 05


"C/2013 US2 Catalina" taken January 5, 2016 at Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. Equipment - C11 on EQ8, Canon 6D (modified) and LPS-P2 filter. Autoguided using ED80, QHY5LII-mono and PHD2. Images captured with assistance of BackYardEOS, stacked and processed in PixInsight.  Stack of 26, 90-second subs @ 6400iso (39min total integration time).

At the point of this image, comet Catalina had finished its close encounter with the sun and was on the way to its closest distance to earth (Jan 17, 2016). The long narrow straight tail is the gas ion tail. The broad gently curved tail is the dust tail.

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