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Image of the "M82 Galaxy"
Photographed by Tim Caruk April 12, 2010

A photo of  the "M82 Galaxy", in Ursa Major, photographed from St. John's  on March 20 & April 12, 2010 by Tim Caruk.

Sometimes called the Starburst Galaxy M82 is believed to be forming stars at 10 times the rate of our Milky Way as a result of influence by near by M81. It is about 12 million light years from Earth.   I took this image with a 8 in SCT from my backyard in St John's on the two nights of Mar 20 and Apr 12,2010.  I combined 109  30 sec images with Deep Sky Stacker in 2x drizzle mode. .

Click image for full original photo.



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