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Image of Helix Nebula taken from St. John's, Newfoundland.
Photographed by Tim Caruk - August to Oct 2013


This image of the  "Helix Nebula", in the constellation Aquarius, is a Planetary nebula of ionized gas that formed when a Red giant star expelled a shell of gas near the end of it's life. The central star is becoming a White dwarf and causes the 5 light year diameter gas ring to fluoresce .  It is the closest Planetary nebula to Earth at a distance of about 700 light years.  I took this image using a modified Nikon D5000 through a  110mm diameter Ed scope over 6 different nights in Aug to Oct. Close to 500 images were combined with Deep Sky Stacker creating a total exposure time of about 4 hrs.

Click on image for full original photo.


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