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Image of the "Horsehead Nebulae" taken from Conception Bay South, Newfoundland.
Photographed by Don Carey 2015 03


"The Horsehead Nebula" taken 2015 03 from Conception Bay South, Newfoundland.  Horsehead Neb. and Flame Neb. The Horsehead Neb. is situated in the Constellation Orion, Just to the South of Alnitak, the left star in Orion's Belt. The Flame Neb. is just to the left of the same star.

The Horsehead Neb.is made up of A Dark Cloud of dust and gas, Situated in front of A Red and Pinkish Glow of Hydrogen Gas.  Equipment: Camera, Canon 60 DA in combination with a Explore Scientific 102 mm. F7, APO Refractor, Mount CGEM. Tracked with A Meade Mono DSI combined with an Orion 80 mm, Short tube Refractor. With PHD Software.

11 Exposures; Primes, 525 Seconds, ISO 320Total # of images; 13, Total time, One Hundred and Twelve Minutes and 5 Seconds.

Click on image for 3.5MB version of full 11MB original photo.



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