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Image of Mars taken from "Eastern St. John's, Newfoundland.
Photographed by Chris Stevenson - September 25th 2020


"Mars" photographed from my observatory in Eastern St. John's, Newfoundland. The camera was an old ASI290C Cool on the back of my 12" LX200 ACF.

Recorded several 60 second sequences (as .ser) with SharpCap 3.2, as before, 1ms exposures and gain set to about 1/4 full range, but only got about 22 fps, for about 1322 frames each time, plus or minus. Loaded the last sequence into Siril, "planetary full disk pattern recognition" for registration, median-with-rejection to stack. Summed best 398 of 1322 frames.

Tried my hand at wavelets "The Gimp Way", where under Enhance -> Wavelets, one splits the image into 5 layers (by default), and after selecting a layer, uses the usual Contrast and Brightness sliders (under Colors) to emphasize/sharpen it; then merge them all back together. This and other minor colour tools to tweak, some minor sharpening, cropped close and exported as .png and .jpg. I had a quick look for an RGB Align tool but found none, so the colour components are still a bit shifted by atmospheric dispersion.

Click on image for full original photo.


"Mars" as Stellarium depicts it..... comparable image.

Click on image for full original photo.


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