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Image of "103P/Hartley 2"
Photographed by Chris Stevenson October 8th & 9th 2010

Image of comet "103P/Hartley 2" photographed ~ 11pm October 8, 2010 from Outer Cove (the south side of the bridge construction, where a few hundred feet of dark highway is cordoned-off by concrete barrier). It is sum of four 20s unguided tripod-mounted exposures at ISO1600 and 55mm (unmodified Canon 350D dSLR). The Perseus Double Cluster ("H and Chi Persei") is right above the comet.

A fox even visited me during these exposures (some adrenaline flowed at first, but I guess the fox saw me as MUCH larger than it was, and so I was left alone).

Click image for full original photo.

Image of comet "103P/Hartley 2" photographed ~ 10pm October 9, 2010 from the backyard POD/11" SCT the following night, using a diagonal (which was a mistake, as it produced considerable vignetting in the corners of even the cropped image). Sum of twenty 30-second exposures, modified Canon 350D at ISO800. The comet was close to orange eta-Persei at the time (but outside the frame)

Click image for full original photo.




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