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Image of the "North American, Butterfly & Veil Nebulae"
Photographed by Chris Stevenson September 17, 2009

A photo of  the "North American (NGC7000), Butterfly & Veil Nebulae ", in Cygnus, photographed from St. John's  in September 17, 2009 by Chris Stevenson.

Nebulosity in Cygnus, as recorded from the photographer's East-End St. John's driveway. Modified Canon 350D digital SLR with CLS_CCD 'EOS clip' filter, 50mm f/1.8 lens, on a  home-made poncet platform. Thirteen 30s exposures were dark-subtracted and summed in Registax, curves adjusted in The Gimp. Visible are NGC 7000 ("North American Nebula") well left of bright alpha Cygni ("Deneb"); IC 1318 ("Butterfly Nebula") just left of gamma Cygni ("Sadr"); and the left (NGC 6992), right (NGC 6960), and more faintly the middle (NGC 6995) portions of the "Veil Nebula", a supernova remnant, at the bottom of the image.

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