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Image of the "Lagoon Nebula (M8), Eagle Nebula (M16) & Omega Nebula (M17)"
Photographed by Tim Caruk July, August & September 2011

A photo of  the "Lagoon Nebula" (M8), in the constellation Sagittarius about 4100 light years away. Spanning 110 light years across this region of glowing hydrogen gas contains many dark bok globules where stars are forming.  It appears as a large white glowing cloud in a small telescope.  The image was taken  witha 110mm refractor using a Meade dsi pro lll imager on Aug 27,2011 from my home in St. John's

Click image for full original photo.

A photo of  the "Eagle Nebula (M16)" in the constellation Serpens glows red like a neon light. The central dark region is known as the pillars of creation since they were formed by new star birth. I took this image with a 1.4MP monochrome ccd imager through a 110mm ED refractor on July 11,2011.  Red,Green and Blue channels were combined to produce a high resoultion image.

Click image for full original photo.

A photo of  the "Omega Nebula (M17)"1also known as the Swan or Lobster nebula owing to it's shape is visible in the constellation Sagittarius. The various colors of the nebula are fluorescence of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sulphur atoms excited by bright stars within.  I imaged the nebula through a 110 ed refractor using a Meade dsi lll camera from St John's on September 17, 2011.    

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