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Images of the "M1 Crab Nebula"
Photographed by Tim Caruk February 14th, 2012

Image of  the "Crab Nebula", in Taurus, photographed from St. John's  on February 14, 2012 by Tim Caruk.

The Crab nebula M1, in Taurus, is the remnant of a star that exploded in 1054 as recorded by Chinese astronomers. The gases are expanding at a rate of 1500 km/sec. At the centre there is a rapidly rotating neutron star that rotates 30 times per sec and emits strong X-ray radiation. I took this image with a Nikon D 5000 through a C9.25 scope for a total exposure of about 43 minutes on Feb 14, 2012.

Click image for full original photo.



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