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Image of the "Fishhead Nebula IC1795" taken from Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland.
Photographed by Dave Newbury 2015 11 11


"The Fishhead Nebula IC1795/NGC896 " taken September 23, 2015 at Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. This nebula is attached to the much larger "Heart" nebula near Cassiopeia and the Double Cluster. Equipment - C11 on EQ8, Canon 6D (modified) and DGM NPB filter. Autoguided using ED80, QHY5LII-mono and PHD2. Images captured with assistance of BackYardEOS, stacked and processed in PixInsight. This is a star forming region with a lot of red'ish emission signal (excited Hydrogen) and darker areas/lanes (dust clouds which obscure the light behind it).

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