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Images of "Moon" taken from Paradise, Newfoundland.
Photographed by Richard Newman April 2011

The Moon ,taken on April 4, 2011 by Richard Newman, when it was 1 day 9 hrs 45 mins old and just above the horizon. Photo was taken with a Nikon D5000 using a 300mm f:4.5 Nikkor telephoto lens, mounted on a CG4 motorized mount and triggered with a wireless remote at 1sec at ISO 400.

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The Moon ,taken on April 19, 2011 by Richard Newman, with a Celestron 6" refractor (C6R) at prime focus on a CG5 (GOTO mount), using a Nikon D5000 at 1/400 sec at ISO 400 and using a wireless remote trigger. This is a single stacking.

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