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Image of Mars taken from St. John's, Newfoundland.
Photographed by Chris Stevenson 2005


This shot of Mars was taken at St. John's, ~3 A.M., 05 Nov 2005, 20cm Meade LX-200 w/ QuickCam 3000 Pro (lenless), 2X barlow, and Toshiba Satellite M40X-RH4 notebook). Approx. 450 frames recorded at 30fps, 320x240, combined in RegiStax3 freeware). Visible in stacked image to left is Syrtis Major and Iapigia below Hellas, Syrtis Minor, Mare Tyrrhenum, Mare Cimmerium (R to L)
  Compare this to a schematic representation for
~3am NST by Mars Previewer II freeware:

BELOW: A map of Mars obtained from ALPO: for reference

A photo of how this was done in the backyard


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