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Image of Saturn taken from St. John's, Newfoundland.
Photographed by Tim Caruk 2007 02 12 & 2008 02 10


This shot of Saturn was taken at St. John's, in the early morning od February 12th 2007, with a 10 inch newtonian reflector. The camera used was a Celestron neximager. A total of 227 1/5 second images were combined with registax. Click on image for full original photo.

This shot of Saturn was taken at St. John's, on Mar 6, 2008

On March 6 2008 the atmosphere was very clear for viewing. The Rings of Saturn can be seen at a different angle than last year from Earth. Next year they will appear almost edge on. I took this image from my backyard in St John's using a 8 inch Celestron telescope and a Meade DSI camera.


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