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Images taken from our back porch at 28 Laurier Street, East End St. John's, using a QuickCam 3000 Pro webcam modified to take long exposures. Frames are all 4 second exposures.  Sunspots photographed by Chris Stevenson Saturday Oct 25, 2003
(The Sun as photographed by a QC3000 Pro with a 270mm f/5.6 telephoto with aperture solar filter, ~11 am Saturday Oct 25, 2003. 4 co-added frames.

Note the two large sunspot groups, 10486(L) and 10484(R).

A giant X17.2 flare from '486 on Tuesday, Oct 28, and another (X10.2) a day later, produced a G4-G5 geomagnetic storm and impressive aurora as far south as Texas. The show up here, between clouds and spitting rain, was mostly crimson and awe-inspiring).

Intense display of Aurora Borealis October 30, 2003,
~8:30pm-9:30pm NST from Newfoundland
(Camera was quickly taped to a tripod, not level as it turned out. Looking due-north, at our non-descript driveway)
(Looking roughly 180d from shot above, due south, and 60d up. Mars is the bright point in the LRH corner.)
Looking straight up at zenith.
Looking straight up at zenith.
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