Dark Sky Presentation - Terra Nova National Park

Dark Sky Presentation

Terra Nova National Park
Newfoundland, Canada
August 23, 2014


Despite no prospect for any observing and periodic drizzle starting up again, following most of the day quite dry and occasionally threatening to clear, we had a very good turnout Saturday evening. See poster attached. The official headcount was 51 with 5 Park staff. Adie Hayes introduced the theme for the evening - Dark Sky Preserves (DSPs), etc - a few songs followed, then my condensed presentation on light pollution, finding constellations, mythology and a little cosmology, more songs followed, then a TV-style quiz show with a dark sky focus followed by more songs.



Jerry Ennis explains the proliferation and adverse effects of light pollution.
(Jerry is a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, St. John's Centre)


Jerry explains the wonders of astronomical viewing in a dark sky environment


The singalong that preceded Jerry's presentation.


Poster advertising the above event

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