Terra Nova Star Party 2019
Friday August 23rd to 28th
Registration is now open!
(RASC Members Only Event)


1. What if I want to camp at one of the Malady Head campsites instead of the tenting/star party field)?

That will be an extra cost - and you will have to pay and book directly with Parks Canada reservation service. Malady Head has sites that can take RVs. They also have some O-Tentiks (but may be already booked up for that weekend). As a star party registrant, you will still be provided space on the field to set up your observing equipment. But, no registration - no access.

2. What if I don't want to camp in a tent?

If tenting is not your idea of having fun, there are cabins available to reserve in nearby Traytown/Glovertown/etc. As a star party registrant, you will still be able to attend the star party events and set up / leave up observing equipment on the field.

3. Don't most "respectable" star parties have t-shirts as an option?

We are looking into this, but no promises!! If we do this, you will need to commit/order in advance of the star party.

4. Will "white light" be managed?

Those who use white lights after dark will be fed to the bears (mostly kidding!). There will be rules around use of white lights on the field after dusk (ie. bring your red flashlights / headlamps). One challenge will be cars in the parking area, which faces the observing field. We will make an effort to control vehicle access after dark (ie. no vehicle access after a set time). More details to follow.

5. Will there be power available on the field?

The adjacent building has power and we are hoping to run a power cable from the building to the field. But this would be for astronomy equipment only (ie. no heaters/cooking devices etc!). We will confirm this down the road but it would not hurt to have your own battery power just in case.

6. Are there bathroom/shower facilities nearby?

The Malady Head comfort stations (including showers) were renovated in 2018. There is one a couple minute walk away from the field.

7. What amenities are near-by?

Glover City (Glovertown) has grocery stores, gas stations, corner store etc. There are some restaurants (and more grocery stores) as you drive toward Eastport (10-20 minute drive away).


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